This is Nosara. One of the most beautiful beaches in the North Pacific coast of Costa Rica and named after the beautiful Princess Nosara. Nosara was an indigenous Chorotega princess and daughter of the Cacique Nicoa who lived in Nicoya at the time of the Spanish conquest.

Possessing incomparable beauty she was in love with young Curime, the son of a high ruler who lived in a town near Nicoya. Another a fierce warrior, Nacaome, who lived on the island of Chira and was a great rival of the Chorotegas was also in love with Nosara, but el Cacique Nicoa did not accept him. To make it worse, the princess did not return to his love either.

During the Fiestas del Sol (one of the largest celebrations of this town) it was agreed to carry out the union between Princess Nosara and young Curime. After the ritual that linked the destinies of Curime and Nosara and when the sun was setting on the horizon, suddenly and without warning Nacaome appeared with his great army. The displeased Nacaome caught the Nicoyan people who were gathered in the main square off guard and many were victims of the spears and arrows of their warriors. In the midst of the skirmish, the newlyweds Curime and Nosara fled to protect their lives.

Nacaome did not give up and led a ruthless chase against the lovers, who managed to sneak away several times from the warriors who followed them. Finally, he surprised them on the beach that today is named after the princess. Vowing to be eternal love, the lovers could only melt into a hug, as the accurate arrows of their pursuers ruthlessly pierced the hearts of those young lovers.